CaseTrax and FBS help you improve your workflow to achieve better outcomes in compliance, productivity, and accountability.

We customize CaseTrax to meet your needs and reach your goals. We begin by reviewing your existing operations and identifying your goals. With your plan in mind, we tailor CaseTrax and personally work with you to adopt and implement process improvements in your parking violations process. With 30 years’ experience in this industry, we know what works. We help you migrate toward best practices that increase compliance, productivity, accountability, and public service. We designed CaseTrax to help you take steps every day to reach your goals.

We call our model “Rethinking Workflow.” Our expertise in rethinking your workflow is built on research and experience. We study industry information and new technologies to develop strategies and make recommendations. We follow national activities in parking violations, court case management, law enforcement, local government, finance, third-party collections, and technology markets. For example, we built CaseTrax to track with recognized court performance measurements developed by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). We know and offer state-of-the-art law enforcement parking management and handheld tools. We understand and stay abreast of the public service and finance needs of local government. We employ only well-respected practices of the American Collections Association (ACA) for third-party collections to protect your image in the eyes of your constituents.

Our approach to Rethinking Workflow rests on this important foundation. We have done our homework. Contact us to learn more about how rethinking your workflow with CaseTrax and FBS can help you streamline operations and reach your goals.

Our Detailed Approach

Rethinking Workflow at FBS means a methodology that reveals important operational, data, and administrative considerations that come together to create a path for you to improve compliance and productivity.

Our initial discovery process includes an assessment of your existing summons documents, relevant codes, notices, penalties, and existing workflow. With this information in hand, we work with you to set goals and devise a plan. Your goals may include maximizing collections, increasing revenue, accelerating compliance, and proving public service. Next we customize CaseTrax for you, convert your data, and help you implement process improvements. We manage and help you through every step, including:

  • Data Conversion (to normalize data from your existing citation record system)
  • Data Consolidation (if required from multiple affiliated systems)
  • Data Entry (when needed)
  • Customized Noticing, Communications, & Branding (for all mail, telephone, and online channels)
  • Municipal Code Revisions (if needed to facilitate your compliance goals)
  • Role-based Account Setup (to provide the right access to CaseTrax for qualified personnel)
  • Custom Report Setup (for different levels of staff to monitor daily processing, performance, and finance)
  • Summons Evaluation and Revision (if needed to improve compliance)
  • On-site Training
  • Business Process Definition (for business process changes)
  • Ongoing Professional Support (from our professionals to yours: on-site, by phone, and by email)

Special Projects

Tell us whenever you want to conduct a special project for:

  • Amnesty – FBS will help you periodically address your backlog of unpaid tickets
  • Judgments – At your option, FBS will file a judgment with the court on your behalf for tickets that remain unanswered after 120 days (or other specified time frame).
  • Scofflaw/Boot – FBS interfaces with NYS Department of Motor Vehicles for coordination of scofflaw and registration suspension programs and generation of “hot plate lists” for integration with license plate reader technology. Hot plate lists can be generated on an as-needed basis to aid in enforcement efforts (e.g. boot program).