With 30 years experience, FBS leads the industry and delivers results in parking violations management.


We know the demands of managing parking violations. We understand the case lifecycle, from citation issuance through case processing to debt collection, and the importance of public transparency and accountability. Our knowledge comes from experience. Since 1983, we have served cities, towns, villages, parking violations bureaus, and other agencies that enforce parking regulations and ordinances. Our experience covers every vantage point. Our comprehensive strategies and solutions are tested over time. Refined through the years using innovative technologies, CaseTrax is a proven and cost-effective solution.


More than a solution provider, we bring leadership to the industry. We research trends, explore new technologies, invest in our customers, set new standards, and strive for the best outcomes. Our success is measured by our customers’ success. Customer service is our flagship. We communicate our values, vision, and integrity through our daily operations.


Today we know your budget requires you do more with less. That’s why we offer CaseTrax without start-up costs or license fees. There is no charge for customer support. FBS only gets paid when you get paid. We evaluate and re-engineer your workflow. We help increase your compliance rates and revenue in a fair, responsible way. Our solution gives you transparency, accountability, and robust reporting.