Our support services act as an extension of your in-house staff, efficiently handling time-intensive tasks.


  • Citation notice mailings
  • Call center for handling violator responses
  • Payment receipt operations—via mail, phone (800 number) and online
  • Third-party collections for delinquent accounts

Full-Service Lettershop for Mailing Notices

The FBS in-house lettershop service automatically generates customized notices according to parameters defined by each client. Automated, disciplined noticing schedules at 30-day intervals ensure that violators are apprised of the status of their cases. Our clients benefit from the economies of scale afforded by the total volume of notices processed in our Long Island facility. Prior to mailing any notices, FBS will obtain the most current registration information pertaining to all summonses issued through Department of Motor Vehicles lookup.

Typical methods used to collect overdue fines and fees include:

  • Noticing at 30-day intervals
  • Application of penalties at 30, 60, 90 and 120 day intervals
  • Special programs (e.g. amnesty)
  • Scofflaw reporting, judgments

Phone, Mail and Online Payment Options

FBS provides the option for secure web and phone based payment services. The service consists of an interactive, secure, real-time internet site as well as a telephone system to allow defendants to review, plead guilty and pay their open tickets online or over the phone. Any convenience fees for defendants’ use of these systems are paid by the violator. Mailed payments are also processed in our Call Center facility. FBS CaseTrax is updated in real time to reflect payments made.

Notices mailed by FBS will direct payment to be made payable to your jurisdiction. A 1-800 toll free telephone number to the FBS Call Center will be provided on the notice. FBS will handle all inquiries on an expedited basis and provide violators with sufficient information to enable payment of summons or scheduling of a hearing. Payments will be accepted online, by phone or mail.

Third Party Collections

FBS is a third party collection agency and a member of the American Collection Association (ACA). FBS principal Dennis Farrell has a 36 year history in the collections industry and has served on the board of the ACA. Our parking violations management model blends collections industry principles with administrative and judicial functions, making it the optimal choice for municipal use. Our commitment to accepted industry standards, ethics and professionalism will reflect positively on your jurisdiction.

Public Service and Integrity

FBS understands that parking violations bureaus and justice courts are part of the state’s justice system and as such held to high expectations for professionalism, efficiency and quality. All calls to the 800 Toll-Free telephone number are handled by FBS’ trained professional personnel who specialize in fielding inquiries regarding parking violations summonses. Frequently asked questions such as hours of parking violation bureaus, penalties, and methods for paying fines are addressed, which reduces the call volume burden for the municipality and assures professional service on its behalf.

In addition, FBS receives and handles correspondence from violators. We respond by changing status on tickets as appropriate and/or forwarding the correspondence to your jurisdiction for determination.