Handheld electronic ticketing devices integrate seamlessly with CaseTrax

Adoption of handheld electronic ticketing devices benefits many municipalities by enabling end-to-end data management efficiencies. Handhelds eliminate the manually intensive tasks of scanning or keying citation data into your case management system. From the moment the citation is issued, that data is available to the system via wireless transmission. This improves data accuracy and the volume of citations your court systems can handle.

The FBS CaseTrax solution is easily scalable to accommodate automated citation via handhelds. If you procure your handhelds through us, we will integrate them into the solution at no extra charge.

We do not manufacture handhelds, but can procure some of the best models in bulk. We are happy to advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of different models. Once you make your selection, we will handle all integration and setup for you.

Document Imaging

Depending on the model ticket writer the jurisdiction selects, FBS will enable document imaging integration with CaseTrax. This feature provides a PDF image of the actual ticket left on the windshield, with the issuing officer’s electronic signature. The document is court admissible and readily accessible by assigned staff. Should a defendant request a copy of a ticket, or if staff are required to produce a true copy this task can be completed in seconds. The copies are clear and legible, without the difficulties presented with error prone and difficult to read hand-issued citations.