CaseTrax is a web-based control center that enables you to manage every step of the parking violations process.

We designed CaseTrax to be the most powerful, user-friendly parking violations management application on the market. It provides complete, end-to-end management of parking violations and collections.


  • Track every step of a case from beginning to end— tickets, hearings, appeals, towing, booting and collection efforts
  • Manage court dates and caseload effortlessly— add, delete and reschedule cases
  • Create sophisticated financial reports instantly
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface eliminates fatigue and frustration
  • Access statewide and nationwide DMV data
  • Complies with New York State State Vehicle and Traffic Laws and can be customized to local requirements


  • Data is hosted by FBS with secure cloud backup and can be accessed remotely at any time.
  • Audit log/audit trail to provide identify of each person accessing the application; date and time of access; nature of activity; and time and date of sign-off.
  • Status updates or changes are recorded back to the user. Records cannot be deleted or duplicated
  • User-defined access levels protect sensitive and confidential information


  • Unlimited, ongoing professional training and support

View the Details and History of each Case

CaseTrax allows you to keep all the details pertaining to a case in one convenient place. Every action throughout the life of a case is accessible through CaseTrax including: the original ticket, mailed notifications, violator responses, accumulated late fees, and court judgements.


Build and Track Hearing Calendars

CaseTrax provides functionality to build hearing calendars. In the monthly view you can see how many cases are on the docket per day. Click on a day to reveal the entire list of cases scheduled. Drill down further to reveal the details of each case.

Interface with the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

CaseTrax allows you to instantly access a defendant’s Motor Vehicle records. FBS has signed and is in good standing with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Parking Regulation Electronic Enforcement and Disposition System (PREED) data sharing MOU and complies with all PREED requirements including privacy requirements.  FBS is linked electronically to the PREED system and will obtain the necessary registration information.

Out-of-State Skip Tracing

FBS maintains relationships with third party skip tracing companies to assist in obtaining data on out of state violators.

Secure Online Access

User level security functions enable access by staff and administrators in courts, law enforcement, finance and administration. Access to confidential data is restricted to authorized users. Any status update or change is recorded back to the user, ensuring auditability and accountability. Records cannot be deleted or duplicated.

Operational Support Services

Unlike other software and web-based solutions, FBS pairs its technology solutions with comprehensive services. Our experienced customer service representatives act as extensions of your day-to-day operational staff. We handle all exception processing, data entry, citation and citation processing. Questions about individual cases can be resolved with a simple email or phone call to our team.

  • Noticing — The FBS in-house lettershop automatically generates customized notices according to the parameters defined by each client. We take care of all issues related to printing and mailing.
  • Payments — FBS manages all responses and payments made by defendants. Violators can review, plead guilty and pay their open tickets by phone or online, using our convenient website. Any convenience fees for defendants’ use of these systems are paid by the violator. Payments are securely accepted in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mailed payments are also processed in our Call Center facility. CaseTrax is updated in real time to reflect payments made.
  • Collections — FBS employs multiple strategies for maximizing collections. Automated, disciplined noticing schedules at 30-day intervals ensure that violators are apprised of the status of their cases. In addition, FBS is a third party collection agency and a member of the American Collection Association (ACA). We blend collections industry values, principles and practices with the administrative and judicial functions of parking violations management.

Financial Management

There is no need for staff to spend inordinate amounts of time on data entry and reporting. Financial reporting, disciplined aging of receivables, point of sale transactioning and tracking are all built into CaseTrax and are available from day one. Custom reports are developed by FBS to meet local needs, and are available with just a few mouse clicks.


User-defined access profiles define the functions that each specific user can utilize, and restricts access to information accordingly. In this way, reports for use by justice, administrative and law enforcement stakeholders are only accessible by the appropriate individuals and confidential data is protected. All status changes or updates are logged for accountability purposes.

Performance Standards

Fundamental Business Service, Inc. is committed to providing maximum uptime for its systems. Exemplary customer service practices and disciplined automating processing schedules are employed to ensure efficiency and high quality of all work products and processes. System uptime is at 99.99%.

Disaster Recovery Plan

FBS’ disaster recovery plan provides for effective response to man-made and natural disasters. The following advance planning and preventative measures mitigate risks associated with a disaster, minimizing downtime during recovery and ensuring a seamless provision of service:

  • All physical data tapes are stored offsite
  • Cloud backup
  • A live copy of critical data is executed daily
  • Clustered Database and Application servers provide immediate failover measure
  • Remote datacenter available to restore and host computing environment

In event of a disaster affecting the FBS main processing facility, offsite facilities mirroring the FBS data center will be used to provide continuity.

Customization for Non-Parking Related Fines and Fees

FBS will customize the CaseTrax application and associated services meet local needs. This will include provide support for input, tracking, management and disposition of non-parking related, overdue fines and fees such as code violations.

Customer Service Call Center

FBS provides comprehensive technical support, setting the standard for client satisfaction. Trained staff based in our Long Island facility are available to provide Help Desk services, problem diagnostics, trouble shooting and problem resolution protocols encompassing hardware and software. Our technical support team provides 24:7 coverage, addressing and tracking individual issues from initial report through resolution.