What’s New from FBS

Integrate Your Parking Components with Our Web-based Applications to Improve Public Services and Increase Compliance and Revenue.

Your Parking Components serve the public better when integrated:
• Parking Pay Apps
• Smart meters and pay stations
• Parking space censors
• Handheld ticket issuance devices
• Cameras
• Scanners
• License plate readers (LPRs)
• Kiosks

Our integrations connect your public parking components to our integrated enforcement, case management, and analytics tools for seamless operations. Our integrations produce quality data and business intelligence to help you make informed decisions about operations and the parking needs of your constituents.

Our Web-Based Applications work with your other parking components to give you control across your operations. Our flagship application CaseTrax provides case management through a central control center for all parking issuances; integrated with our front-end enforcement tools. CaseTrax uses nationally recognized standards and financial best practices. Integrations with New York State and nationwide DMV agencies automatically look up defendant information for all tickets, as they are entered. CaseTrax is customizable to your processing needs, including workflow notifications that inform clerk staff of tasks that require attention. Our graphical Court Calendar makes managing hearings a snap.

Improve Public Services with our public-service-oriented tools. eResolve is our latest constituent-focused service, designed to reach a fair and equitable solution—online—for disputed violations. eResolve allows a violator to submit a not guilty plea with explanation online, while allowing backoffice staff to review the plea submission and offer appropriate action to resolve and advance the case. Both are customizable to the needs of each jurisdiction. Our other constituent-focused services include our online payment portal Parking Ticket Assist, which accepts payments 24/7 and updates CaseTrax; and our Public Call Center, which serves as your always-open front door for public calls and mail-in payments.

Increase Compliance and Maximize Revenue by using our suite of integrations and web-based applications. Our focus on due process and public service, along with our analytics, business intelligence, and recommendations for process improvements, help you serve your constituents better and increase compliance. Our online payment portal and eResolve components show results in compliance rates and revenue growth. Our special amnesty programs also help reduce your backlog of unpaid violations. Because we understand and integrate the entire parking lifecycle, we can help increase your compliance, drive revenue growth, and improve your public services, all at the same time.

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